as of Thursday, 12/08/2016

January 20170.63
March 20170.73
June 20170.84
September 20170.88
December 20170.95

Top 5 Competitive Issues

for Friday, 12/09/2016

Amt (000's)IssuerSale Time
$745Brookville12:00 PM E
710McClain Co ISD #512:45 PM E

Top 5 Negotiated Issues

for the week of 12/05/2016

Amt (000's)IssuerLead Mgr
$650,000New York CityJefferies
542,910NYC Hsg Dev CorpJPMorgan
410,000Suffolk CountyJPMorgan
400,000Ctrl Puget Sound Reg TransCitigroup
381,215Phoenix Civic Imp CorpJPMorgan

5 Most Active Trades at Volume

as of Fri. 12/09/2016, 11:57 PM

IssueVolume/countAvg. PriceAvg. YieldVs. MMD/Tsy
SUFFOLK CNTY N Y TAX ANTI 2.000 of 07/26/2017109.035MM+ / 138100.455nullnull
AKRON BATH COPLEY OHIO JT 5.250 of 11/15/204651MM+ / 15106.1804.470137.0
NEW YORK N Y CITY HSG DEV 4.300 of 11/01/205044.985MM+ / 6499.8034.310121.0
METROPOLITAN ST LOUIS MO 5.000 of 05/01/204642.595MM+ / 35113.8373.27217.2
NEW YORK N Y CITY HSG DEV 4.150 of 11/01/204634,540M / 4599.9114.154105.4

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