as of Thursday, 05/17/2018

June 20181.55
August 20181.60
November 20181.66
February 20191.71
May 20191.75

Top 5 Competitive Issues

for Friday, 05/18/2018

Amt (000's)IssuerSale Time
$4,805Rogers Co ISD #11:00 PM E
1,935Carter Co ISD #191:45 PM E
715Muskogee Co ISD #21:00 PM E

Top 5 Negotiated Issues

for the week of 05/14/2018

Amt (000's)IssuerLead Mgr
$914,395San Francisco Arpt CommCitigroup
911,305Grand Parkway Transp CorpGoldman Sachs
610,615Grand Parkway Transp CorpGoldman Sachs
441,865Pennsylvania Tpk CommJefferies
305,490Massachusetts Ed Fin AuthRBC Capital Mkts

5 Most Active Trades at Volume

as of Sun. 05/20/2018, 10:50 PM

IssueVolume/countAvg. PriceAvg. YieldVs. MMD/Tsy
CHICAGO ILL BRD ED UNLTD 5.000 of 12/01/202838.555MM+ / 22110.0213.832128.2
MASSACHUSETTS EDL FING AU 4.408 of 07/01/203436MM+ / 10100.0004.407134.1
CHICAGO ILL BRD ED UNLTD 5.000 of 12/01/202634,170M / 15109.1123.739131.9
CHICAGO ILL BRD ED UNLTD 5.000 of 12/01/202933,870M / 22109.5343.886128.6
CHICAGO ILL BRD ED UNLTD 5.000 of 12/01/202532,935M / 17108.6923.664134.4

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