as of Thursday, 01/17/2019

February 20191.44
April 20191.50
July 20191.63
October 20191.69
January 20201.74

Top 5 Competitive Issues

for Friday, 01/18/2019

Amt (000's)IssuerSale Time
$280Pottawatomie Co ISD #21:00 PM E

Top 5 Negotiated Issues

for the week of 01/14/2019

Amt (000's)IssuerLead Mgr
$551,000Sales Tax Securitization CorpCitigroup
450,000NYC Muni Wtr Fin AuthBarclays Capital
441,000Massachusetts Dept of TranspCitigroup
345,845Los Angeles Dept of Wtr & PwrBarclays Capital

5 Most Active Trades at Volume

as of Sun. 01/20/2019, 4:52 PM

IssueVolume/countAvg. PriceAvg. YieldVs. MMD/Tsy
MASSACHUSETTS ST GO CONS 5.000 of 01/01/204945.1MM+ / 13113.6093.37633.6
LOS ANGELES CALIF DEPT WT 5.000 of 07/01/204543.99MM+ / 11115.0753.21021.0
UNIVERSITY WASH UNIV REVS 5.000 of 05/01/202242.1MM+ / 11108.1322.37165.1
LOS ANGELES CALIF DEPT WT 5.250 of 07/01/204940.795MM+ / 16117.0853.22018.0
LOS ANGELES CALIF DEPT WT 5.000 of 07/01/203032,855M / 27124.0312.275-1.5

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