as of Monday, 03/02/2015

April 20150.05
June 20150.07
September 20150.10
December 20150.12
March 20160.14

Top 5 Competitive Issues

for Tuesday, 03/03/2015

Amt (000's)IssuerSale Time
$230,335Florida BOE10:30 AM E
75,465Cambridge[D]11:00 AM E
61,815Richland Co SD #210:00 AM E
50,472Hoboken11:00 AM E
30,210Washington[D]11:30 AM E

Top 5 Negotiated Issues

for the week of 03/02/2015

Amt (000's)IssuerLead Mgr
$1,900,000CaliforniaBA Merrill Lynch
785,795NYC Trans Fin AuthWells Fargo Secs
495,000Los Angeles Dept of Wtr & PwrBA Merrill Lynch
356,775Arizona BORWells Fargo Secs
297,920Cypress-Fairbanks ISDRaymond James

5 Most Active Trades at Volume

as of Wed. 03/04/2015, 1:43 PM

IssueVolume/countAvg. PriceAvg. YieldVs. MMD/Tsy
IOWA ST SPL OBLIG SPL OBL 6.750 of 06/01/203457.03MM+ / 34115.6922.79567.1
ATLANTA GA WTR & WASTE WT 5.000 of 11/01/204044,790M / 44113.5633.40655.6
PUERTO RICO SALES TAX FIN 5.000 of 08/01/204038.005MM+ / 1571.5687.526467.6
NEW ORLEANS LA AVIATION B 5.000 of 01/01/204531.085MM+ / 16109.5003.82492.4
NORTHERN ILL MUN PWR AGY 5.000 of 01/01/203727.465MM+ / 7107.2862.299-50.0

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